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Gibraltar is a British enclave located on the southern tip of Spain. The Straits of Gibraltar separate Europe from Africa and is an important shipping route taking goods from Europe out across the Atlantic and at the shortest distance is just 13km wide.

Gibraltar is less than 7km2 in size and as of 2008 around 29,000 people call it home. The main language spoken is English but given the proximity to Spain you will also find Spanish spoken as well as Llanito which is a language spoken by the inhabitants of Gibraltar who are also known as Llanitos. The language combines words from Spanish as well as English, among others!

Gibraltar has a fascinating history and was conquered by the Brits in 1704 during the Spanish war of succession. Having ceded the territory, Spain has sought to regain control of Gibraltar ever since but referendums held in Gibraltar show that the inhabitants are firmly opposed to any level of joint sovereignty and union with Spain.

Gibraltar is often known as The Rock, so called after the peninsula that juts out into the sea and is 430m high at its highest point. At the top you will have a fantastic view of the African coastline as well as back towards the Spanish mainland. A cable car ride up to the top will also afford you a visit to the home of the Barbary Macaques, the only primates to be able to roam free within Europe and the last surviving Macaques in all of Europe. The monkeys have been adopted as an unofficial symbol of Gibraltar.

There are many aspects of the more relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle that have been adopted by Gibraltarians including al fresco dining. With a great climate and a real eclectic mix of cuisines on offer, you can enjoy a number of fantastic cafes in one of the many squares around Gibraltar and then walk off your lunch around the commercial areas and enjoy some duty free shopping. Shopping in Gibraltar is also a favoured activity for ex-pats living just over the border in Spain and they will pop over to stock up on home favourites from M&S and Morrisons.

For a relatively small patch of land, Gibraltar has no end of things to do and see. There are around 4 main public beaches to catch some rays and once you have topped up the tan you can take a visit to the Moorish castle, a fortification built during the times of Moorish occupation, an impressive sight sitting on top of the Rock and a popular tourist attraction. St. Michael’s caves are another impressive stop on any tourist trail and consist of a series of connecting chambers and walkways located in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and often plays host to music events and concerts.

If you want to explore into Spain, why not take the car up to the lakes around Malaga. In under an hour and a half you could be enjoying the glorious scenery around the El Chorro lakes. Reminiscent of the Lake District landscape this area offers activities and fun for all the family. All you have to do is make sure you complete your intensive driving course before you arrive and you can jump straight into the car!

Affectionately also known as Gib, Gibraltar is often misspelled as Gibralter, perhaps as a more likely British spelling of the name. If you search for Gibralter car hire and really mean Gibraltar car hire then Simply Car Hire Spain can help you with the perfect car for your needs.



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