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Almeria is located in south-east Spain within the region of Andalucia and borders Murcia to the east and Granada to the west. Almeria gives its name to the province as well as the capital and with some of the cleanest beaches and high average annual temperatures, Almeria is another of the popular coastal holiday destinations in Spain.

The city of Almeria was founded in 955 when the Iberian peninsula was under Moorish control and the city was taken over by a prince of the presiding Moorish dynasty, the Umayyads, to strengthen the then kingdom of the Caliphate of Cordoba. “Moors” describes various populations of predominantly Muslims from North Africa and the Umayyad Caliphate was a time of Moorish control over vast areas and countries between the years 660 and 750 including much of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Moorish rule in the Iberian peninsula spanned centuries and Almeria is one of the regions that still shows many influences of various periods of Moorish control in architecture, customs and also food.

The “Alcazaba” in the city of Almeria is known to be the second largest fortress built during the times of the Moors after the Alhambra fortress and palace in Granada and is one of the main attractions of the city. In 1489, the Christians led by the Catholic monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand, regained control of Almeria and the city began to take on more Christian influences but in the 16th century Almeria suffered at the hands of natural disasters including earthquakes which destroyed the city.

Since those days, Almeria has enjoyed relative success as a popular coastal destination and the tourist economy continues to grow. Almeria is one of the driest regions in all of Spain and has quite arid landscapes and around 330 days of sunshine per year. With desert-like scenery, during 1950 to 1980 Almeria provided the scenery for “Spaghetti Western” films in areas such as the Tabernas Desert.

Located approx. 30km north of the city of Almeria, the Tabernas Desert is a protected landscape and provided the backdrop for films such as A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More. The area of Tabernas is less than an hours drive from the city of Almeria and is home to Oasys Mini-Hollywood, a Western set and theme park complete with Wild West Saloon and entertainment in the form of staged gun fights.

There are other Western sets still used part-time in Almeria including Texas Hollywood and Western Leone but Mini-Hollywood is now primarily a tourist attraction.   

For other types of days out you can also visit the Aquarium in Roquetas de Mar, take a tour of the Sorbas Caves, visit the cave houses in Cuevas del Almanzora or even the Almeria race track on the N-340 carriageway.

Down on the coast, Almeria has very pretty seaside towns including Mojacar, a charming traditional white washed village, or “pueblo blanco” as they are known in Spain, and Roquetas del Mar and both have award winning beaches with tourist services and facilities.

With wonderful all year round temperatures, Almeria is also a popular location for golfing holidays and many visit Almeria to enjoy a week of playing a round of golf at any one of the golf course resorts based in the area. With your golf clothing packed, you can take advantage of all the area has to offer.

With extensive scenery to explore and things to do located all across the region of Almeria, we recommend using Almeria car hire to fully exploit all the area has to offer. Using our extensive search engine facility, in just 3 steps you could have the best deal in Almeria car hire organised and ready for your trip.

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