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Cordoba, like Granada in the region of Andalucia in southern Spain, is the name given to the capital city as well as the autonomous community. Located in the valley of the river Guadalquivir Cordoba is well connected to other major cities in Spain and is 150km from Seville, 170km from Malaga and under 400km from Madrid and even just 285km from the Portuguese border.

As with other cities in Andalucia, Cordoba is a city rich in Moorish legacy and all over you can see the influence the centuries of Moorish rule have had on the city. It is said that Cordoba experienced its days of glory under Moorish rule as it was the capital of the Caliphate of Cordoba, a form of Islamic government and rule that covered the majority of the Iberian peninsula and was in place between the 8th and 11th centuries. During this time the population of Cordoba reached around 500,000 and was the largest city in Western Europe. The current population of the city is around 323,600.

Having been founded by the Romans, in 716 the city was taken under Muslim rule and continued under Moorish control until the 1236 when Christians finally gained control of the city. These days remnants of the city’s Moorish past sit alongside the more recent Christian influences giving the city a unique character and rich history interwoven by the marks left by different peoples and rulers.

As testament to the days of Muslim rule and subsequent conversion to Catholicism, Cordoba is home to what was originally built as the 2nd largest mosque in the world but after the Spanish Reconquista was converted into a cathedral and items of Moorish architecture were replaced with items of a more Baroque style.

Construction of the former mosque actually began as a Christian Visigoth church but under Moorish rule was re-worked and re-constructed and over the years various rulers have overseen more construction and additions to the building ensuring it really is an important religious building that gives tribute to each stage of its history. The Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral as it is sometimes know, covers around 24,000m2 and over 1.5 million people visit annually.

Cordoba’s rich history has contributed to the wealth of monuments and museums around the city as well as a range of other attractions including Arabian baths, Roman caves, fragments of the former city walls and extensive botanical gardens and the Royal Fortress gardens right in the middle of the city. To get around we recommend using Cordoba car hire that can be arranged in 3 simple steps and will ensure you don’t miss a thing within the beautiful region and city of Cordoba.

When you have finished touring the beautiful city of Cordoba why not take your Cordoba car rental a bit further and visit the equally historical city of Granada or to Ronda or even across to the picturesque lakes of El Chorro around Malaga where you can enjoy a day out in Spain's very own Lake District and image you are in Cumbria whilst in the middle of the Andalucian countryside.

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