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As the cultural and financial centre of all of Spain, Madrid is a thriving city and very lively place to visit. Highlights of Madrid City include; The Prado Museum, which houses masterpieces by Goya, Velazquez and El Greco, among others and all from between the 12th and 17th centuries and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Madrid; The Royal Palace, an enormous building built between the 18th and 19th centuries and was used as a residence right up until the early 1930s; and the Gran Via which is the main road separating the North and South sides of the city and is ram packed with shops, cafes and tourists.

By night, Madrid is just as exciting and is known as the Spanish city that doesn’t sleep with bars, restaurants, discos and clubs all over. For something a little more cultural, visit the Royal Theatre, right in the centre of the city, for some ballet or opera which play every week. 

As a culturally diverse city, there are many different influences on the cuisine in Madrid and all tastes are catered for, not least within the hundreds of tapas dishes you can sample on an average evening. The Plaza Mayor and the smaller side streets leading from the square is a fantastic place to start if you are looking to sample as many different dishes as possible.

There is an absolute wealth of things to do and cultural and historical attractions and that is before the shopping opportunities are even considered! Madrid can easily rival London for chances to spend money and whether you are looking for designer jewellery, tailored suits, exclusive beauty stores that stock your favourite products, or chances to simply do some window shopping, Madrid has more than enough to tempt you away from your money!

You probably won’t get around to seeing everything so ensure that you plan ahead. As one of the most interesting cities in all of Spain to go sight seeing in, Madrid offers more things to do than can be mentioned here so to get an overview of what Madrid City has to show you we recommend hopping in the car and exploring for the afternoon to help you plan your trip.

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