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Valencia City shares its name with the autonomous community in which it is located and is the 3rd largest city in Spain. It is on the Costa del Azahar and is one of the major cities along the entire east coast of Spain.  

Since being founded in 137BC by the Romans many different peoples and cultures have made Valencia their home leaving their mark on the city. There are architectural remains left by the occupying Moors in around 714AD seen in the Baths and also the El Micalet which is now the Cathedral tower but formerly the minaret of the mosque that stood there. The Cathedral itself dates from the 13th-15th centuries and shows evidence of Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque styles.

These days Valencia is a modern and multi-cultural city with lots to offer.

For family days out there are a number of blue flag beaches; home to a multitude of water sports and activities as well as a market during the summertime by the beachside as well as an open air cinema during late-summer to autumn time. There are also numerous fun parks including water parks, safari parks and animal parks to keep the kids entertained.

The town of Bunol in Valencia is also home to the annual tomato festival, La Tomatina, a food fight festival that consists of thousands of people from all over the world taking to the streets of the town with handfuls of tomatoes to throw at each other. The festival also includes fireworks, a parade, and much music and dancing.

The number of people visiting Valencia and passing through Valencia Airport has grown considerably over the last few years and 2007 saw growth in passenger numbers of almost 20% up from 2006. There are many factors contributing towards this incredible growth including the increase in 2nd homes being purchased along this stretch of the coast. The Americas Cup, one of the most prestigious events in the sailing calendar was held in Valencia in 2007 and 2008 also saw Valencia host the European Grand Prix for Formula 1 Motor racing. The major sporting events that have been held in Valencia have contributed greatly to the revamping of the city which now benefits from world class sporting facilities and services.

As Valencia has again been chosen to host the Americas Cup for the 33rd cup in June 2009, growth is certain to continue. Attracting around 150,000 people per day over the course of the 2 week event, the port has undergone radical changes to ensure the regatta goes successfully including development of the harbour to house a media centre, team bases and an event headquarters. So if you are looking to invest some serious money you could look into boats Spain and keep your boat in Valencia to enjoy a slice of the action.

Valencia is a truly international area of Spain and not only is English widely spoken, but so are varieties of Spanish. The traditional form of Spanish, or Castillian is spoken all over, and many local reisidents will also speak Catalan, a regional form of the language that is said to be a Spanish-French mix. It sounds quite different to traditional Spanish but as Castilian is widely spoken you should not have any communication problems. However, if you want to learn some Catalan then you could always join a local language exchange initiative, or make use of the services of a translation agency to ensure you do not miss a word!


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